The Foreign Language Picture Travel App - Snap Say
Foreign Language Picture Travel App

Quit trying so hard. Snap a picture.
Get a word.

Snapsay is a travel language app that allows you to build a personal photo library of the things you need. Or download pictures from our store. Snapsay is the perfect tool for study or travel abroad.

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Meet Snapsay

    • This app speaks Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and English. Take a picture (or use one from your camera roll), grab a nearby native speaker, record and go! You are now building your own photo library plus the words in the desired language to help you get around. Don’t have time to take your own pictures? No problem! Download the ones you need from our store.

      Snapsay is the perfect tool for work, study, or travel overseas.

      • Save time trying to translate on the computer at home before getting what you need.
      • Don’t waste time wandering around the supermarket because you don’t know how to tell the worker what you need.
      • Quickly find your way back to your home or hotel.
      • Stay connected with your loved ones by easily locating a SIM card.
      • Snap a photo of what you need.
      • Find a nearby local.
      • Snapsay asks them what the picture is in their language.
      • They respond while you record.
      • Save the picture and word in a category.
      • Download your top necessities from Snapsay’s in-app store to save time.
      • No more playing charades at the supermarket!
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