The Foreign Language Picture Travel App - Snap Say
Foreign Language Picture Travel App

Quit trying so hard. Snap a picture.
Get a word.

Snapsay is a travel language app that allows you to build a personal photo library of the things you need. Or download pictures from our store. Snapsay is the perfect tool for study or travel abroad.

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How To Learn Chinese Words With Your Cellphone

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Use Meituan To Learn Chinese

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The Basics Of Meituan

👤 🕔 November 19, 2017 0

See those Meituan bikes everywhere in China? Here’s how you setup the app and order food to your house!

Want that food Chinese course I mentioned?

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Twin Greek Students Share How To Learn Chinese

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Amazon Reviews Of My FAVORITE Chinese Textbook– Integrated Chinese:

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Tips For Learning Chinese From An Argentinian Magician!

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What Chinese tips can you learn from an Argentinian magician who’s lived in China for 15 years?
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