The Foreign Language Picture Travel App - Snap Say
Foreign Language Picture Travel App

Quit trying so hard. Snap a picture.
Get a word.

Snapsay is a travel language app that allows you to build a personal photo library of the things you need. Or download pictures from our store. Snapsay is the perfect tool for study or travel abroad.

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Our Story

Snapsay was born out of our time in China. We met so many foreigners who were there for work or study (including myself), but could not speak much Chinese. This makes satisfying daily life demands difficult. We talked to people who would translate something on a computer, attempt to write the character, then wander around the market looking for it. So much time and energy gets wasted when you can’t find what you need or don’t know how to say a specific word.


Snapsay is a language app that allows you to create your own photo library and quickly find the things you need-minus the frustration and charades! Living or traveling overseas can be a big adjustment, but Snapsay makes it easier and more enjoyable. We believe this app will benefit anyone who wants to travel abroad (or is studying) who is not ‘quite fluent’ yet in that language.


Have you had a great survival experience where Snapsay app would have been helpful? Tell us about it!
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